About Me


Hey, I'm Rob! The founder and CEO of Swipe Tribe. I'm thrilled that you made it here.

Couple thing you should know, if this is your first time: 

A little bit about me: When I graduated college, I spent 2 months working a dead-end job at an investment bank. 

Until one day, I responded to an email from one of my favorite online marketers. He liked my writing so much, he decided to give me a job.

And over the next 18 months, I went from having zero writing experience to a professional copywriter who's written for a New York Times best-selling author, Entrepreneur Magazine, Dr.Axe.com, and several other sites that get 1 million+ readers/month.

I don't say that to brag. I say all that because along the way I discovered a few, simple insights anyone can use to go from hating writing (or flunking english) to writing copy that drives sales, conversions, and keeps people reading.  

That's how Swipe Tribe was born, and that's what I'm all about -- bringing the best copywriting, persuasion, and sales advice to you month after month. 

This material is proven to work in all kinds of scenarios -- from multi-million dollar product launches to copy that went on to be seen by 3+million people. 

I'm finally ready to show you how to do the same. No guessing and checking. No costly learning curve. Just YOU writing copy worth reading, guaranteed. 

Are you ready to join the tribe? 

If so, you'll be getting my best hacks for earning money as a writer.  It's not just a bunch of untested theory. You'll be getting access to the exact steps I used to I used to earn over $100,000 freelance writing in just 10 months.

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